For manufacturing our products we use high-quality raw materials from the leading Russian and European suppliers, such as:

  • Kazanorgsintez,
  • Stavrolen,
  • Nizhnekamskneftehim,
  • Borealis,
  • Basell,
  • Total Petrochemical

We also use super concentrates (dyes for polymers) of 400 various colours.
All raw materials passes through incoming quality control.

The company has established and applied its own standards concerning "the ideal material”, which set the strict limits for quality indicators.
The company has the experience of successful cooperation with the largest suppliers of raw materials for developing new types of materials; we are always willing to consider the customer’s wishes.

For storage and raw materials delivery the special silage system has been established in December, 2010. The system allows to automate process of transportation of granules to mashines and to avoid addition of extraneous impurity.