Turnkey solutions

We can offer the following schemes to the customer who applies to “Mir Upakovki” :

What is the difference?

Standard packaging for the mass market: its advantage is that a purchase order can be small and cost less, while the customer gets package product which is time-tested on market and familiar to the retail enterprises (for example, buckets). The cost of the compression mould is the responsibility of the manufacturer. The downside of this scheme is that the design of the package is rather common and the product is not so vividly seen on the retail shelf; this type of package can also be easily faked. To protect himself from the problem of fakes and give the goods an original look, the client can order the coloring of a product package and/or decoration using dry offset and IML.

Exclusive packaging: the customer receives a unique product design, which is completely protected from fakes. In this case the cost of the compression mould is the responsibility of the customer.

Apply to our managers and have a consultation concerning the cost and time of package manufacturing considering the various order schemes. We are always glad to help our clients to choose from the opportunities offered and to make the best decision for them