Special offers and sales promotion

Offer for pilot test with Barrier packing on existing production line.

Within the market promotion of the new barrier packing decision - the oxygen barrier container KNB 140 ml. project. 

CJSC Mir Upakovki suggests you to pack with new sealing machine the pilot batch of your production in KNB 140 for checking: 
а) long shelf life for food in barrier container 
KNB 140 
б) test sales in retail network. 

We offer free of charge: 
• Batch of the container KNB 140 ml for testing – 1012 pieces (1 box) 
• Party of protective covers (proportional quantity) 
• Barrier films for sealing 
• The desktop sealing machine of the type "gas vacuum" ILPRA (Italy), equipped with a cutting hole sized for container KNB 140. We offer the rent for agreed period needed for producing the pilot batch of product. 
The transportation to Client’s factory and back is to be organized by us. 
• Services and consultations of the technologist (incl. training of your employees to work with sealing machine, help in the choice of the supplier of the sealing equipment and barrier films)

Please see video at YouTube - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MmxBYEdxekw

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